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What does a

Product Owner do?

Product Owners are the engine and soul of the market performance and development of products. To be one, you are not required to be a technical person, but fast learning, business thinking and catching up fast any domain are a must. Product Owners call the shots for a product. They say “no” whenever is necessary even to those holding the highest offices at any given moment.

POs represent and develop products in the spirit of agile. Operating this way ensures that resources are used for the most valuable tasks. The market performance of any product depends on how well their Product Owners are able to connect the different fields. POs motivate and drive every stakeholder so that the next tasks represent the best achievable business value at all times.

A Product Owner maintains research activity and optimizes product development accordingly. To be able to do this he invites professionals of different fields and finds ways to harmonize cooperation through setting proper goals.

To make this work, Product Owners hold a wide spectrum of authority in an organization regarding the product they “own”.  A PO always acts on behalf of product performance and sensible resource management, and takes into consideration the greater good within the organization when using resources.

The wage of an experienced Product Owner rivals easily the wages of decision makers and managers.

We are the only Product Owner School with an intense 20-day training for the essential basics. Train hard, fight easy


Product Owners are the ones liable for the market performance and development of products.

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