Do you want Agile but can't stop the business as usual?

We can help you with that! 

Let’s grow and evolve only in the areas that you feel will bring the most value. We’ll hold meetings with you to assess how and where in your company Lean and Agile can boost your performance and only teach those assets that are guaranteed to help you solve problems and increase business value.

Once we’re done, you’ll be able to operate and grow agile on your own.

The problem

Placing a product manager into existing systems takes time. Even in case of an experienced one. The time needed for onboarding grows exponentially with a company that operates at a faster pace, and has already developed an agile and lean approach. Companies that are in business rarely have time to slow down and make the transition.

The solution

Find a handful of talented, eager-to-learn people from your own organization who understand your business domain and we will train them how to be Product Owners for you.
Also we’ll look at your pressing business problems and teach your people how to handle them using the newly learned agile methods.

What we offer:​

What we offer:​

  • We lend you our expertise so the “only” thing for you to do is to implement working solutions.
  • We adapt easily, we’ll only work when you have the time and the need for it.
  • Unstressful developement, because not the transition is the goal, but to overcome challanges

Our professional credit is on the line when we select and train your candidates - you will have Product Owners with applicable knowledge AND our quality-assurance.

How it works


There is no time for Agile transition or longer Product Owner trainings, you just need results


We’ll look at which elements of our methodology toolkit respond best to your challenges. We’ll work on it together with you


When any of your challenges emerges, let us know - we will come!


We’ll teach and prepare your selected colleagues how to handle the challenge using the agile toolkit


Together we will handle the obstacles


We’ll support you in being able to repeat these steps any time without us

We are the only Product Owner School with an intense 20-day training for the essential basics. Train hard, fight easy


Product Owners are the ones liable for the market performance and development of products.

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