You need a Product Owner, but it's just too expensive?

We’ll train you one!

We’ll help you set up a recruitment campaign and pre-select the suitable candidates. We’ll test and train the selected few and after 4 weeks we’ll hand them over to you with quality assurance.

The problem

Today the market offers 8-1.400,000 HUF for a Product Owner. It does it without requiring quality assurance. This creates quite a risk. Meanwhile, headhunters are asking for a 4.3 M + VAT fee while still, all the risk is yours.

The solution

Eliminate this risk. Find a handful of talented, eager-to-learn people with domain expertise hungry for market success from your own company and we will train them for you. Within 4 weeks they will reach quality assured Level 1.

Product Owner Level 1:

With this knowledge a Product Owner can lead an agile team with confidence, offer them business and development friendly tasks while improving market performance from sprint to sprint.

Assign them a portfolio-level program or complex products requiring coordination of multiple teams in parallel only when they’ve gained enough experience at Level 1 and have learned how to teach others.

What we offer

What we offer:

Trainees shall work with real-life team(s) at your company. The byproduct of this model is that for the time your POs finish the course their teams and immediate business surroundings will also transform. You’ll have quality assured knowledge within your organization ready to be turned into business value.

We don’t just let go of our students. They become members of our alumni groups where they’re offered support any time they need it.

A Product Owner’s headhunter fee covers the quality-assured parallel training of 4 people. The investment of a single person trained will pay off within 6 months. Headhunter costs will diminish. This means saving serious millions.  Your graduated Product Owners can pass the international CPO tests any time if you’d like them to.

Our professional credit is on the line when we select and train your candidates - you will have Product Owners with applicable knowledge and our quality-assurance.

How it works


We help you in the recruitment campaign to find hardworking people willing to learn


We pre-select the candidates with Attitude and Personality tests


We train them


They reach Level 1 within 4 weeks and are put to a serious exam


The ones who cannot pass, won’t be recommended to your program

We are the only Product Owner School with an intense 20-day training for the essential basics. Train hard, fight easy


Product Owners are the ones liable for the market performance and development of products.

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